Old Stories, New Reflections

It is rare that we are given the opportunity to engage with a topic both as passive and active learners. This project has allowed us not only to be transported through time by reading historical narratives, but also gave us the opportunity to learn through experience, and connect history with the present. Don’t get us…

Sweet Meats. Ancient Imprints

          Sweetmeats. When I first encountered the word, images of my Grandmother’s congealed meatloaf sprang to mind. Somehow “meat” and “sweet” did not go together and I was shocked that “sweetmeats” were considered delicacies by the European travellers who wrote the narratives we’ve talked about on this blog. While my naivety caused me initial…

Cooking Kibbeh & Community

After reading about and eating Middle Eastern food, we thought it was time to do some cooking ourselves. So Logan, Meredith, and I decided our best chance to learn more about Middle Eastern cooking, while also getting to enjoy the product, was to have an expert show us. We visited a Syrian family who came to Canada…

Cooking History

What is it that we learn from cooking historical recipes?

Brewing across North Africa: Rituals of coffee and tea

Coffee and tea are a commodity consumed across cultures, often playing a mediating role in social interactions. Throughout the travel narratives we have discussed on this blog, coffee and tea make frequent appearances. This blog post will examine how our 19th century European friends encountered coffee and tea as they adventured through Morocco and Egypt….